Grupo Vocal E Instrumental Toba Virí Nolká ‎– Argentina Indígena. Temas Tradicionales De Los Aborigenes Chaqueños

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Label:Qualiton – QI-4007


Used LP 1968

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A monumental piece of folklore recording the performance of Grupo Vocal E Instrumental Toba Virí Nolká, formed by the Toba tribe, one of Argentina's largest indigenous groups. Recorded during their surprise participation in an international convention organized by the city of Buenos Aires, the album contains a total of 16 songs, including ritual dances, bird imitation songs, and farewell songs performed by an ensemble of various rattles, drums, whistles, flutes, and primitive violins. Among the highlights are a flute-led performance in which a minimal tempo of drum corps and rattles intermingle(B1), and a primitive violin act that imitates the bleating of a sheep (A2). Heritage of Human Music. 

アルゼンチン最大の先住民族の一つトバ族で結成されたGrupo Vocal E Instrumental Toba Virí Nolkáの演奏を記録したフォルクローレ金字塔作品。ブエノスアイレス市主催の国際大会に驚きを持って参加した時の音源で、様々なガラガラ、ドラム、ホイッスル、フルート、原始ヴァイオリンのアンサンブルによる儀式の踊り、鳥の模倣歌、別れの歌など全16曲を収録。中でもフルートが先導する中にミニマルな太鼓隊とガラガラの演奏が交わる演奏(B1)や羊の鳴き声を真似た原始バイオリンの一幕(A2)は聴き所。まず日本には入ってこない一枚と思います。

A1 - Alolé Nachoretá (Mujer Triste)

A2 - Chisi (Siete Cabritos)

A3 - Pichiní (Pajaro Trepador)

A5 - Laañagashí (Mujer De La Reduccion)

A6 - Sheuglashí (Mujer Norteña)

B1 - Nakiaraík (Viento Northe)

B6 - Idiófonos: Takiagái De Uñas, Takiagái De Cascabeles, Ambos A La Vez/ Entequeté (Tres Toques) / Cascabeles / Entequeté En Sucesion