Alfredo Remus – Remus 5

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Label:Parlophone – 6278


Used LP 1973 Gartefold

Disc:VG+ (strongly good category, plays smooth not feel scuffs, only feel surface noise at quiet part, please check long audio samples)

Jacket:VG+ (light age wears/stains, good category as this era's cover we think)

Argentinian bassist Alfredo Remus, who has been involved since the early days of jazz scene in the 1950s and has been a regular in a series of informal improvisational performances and experimental gatherings held at Eduardo Lagos' house, and who has also made great achievements in the folklore scene. This is one of his master works in 1973, and the talented members include saxophonist Hugo Pierre, drummer Pocho Lapouble, percussionist Norberto Minichillo. A total of 4 hybrid jazz tunes that are a labyrinthine fusion of emotion, maturity, improvisation, funkness, indigenousness, avant-garde, more. On A side "Juan Sebastian Blues" standout performances by each member with impressive bass palying in middle part and "Alfonsina Y El Mar" an impassioned improvisational jazz-like performance. On B side Remus score "Amor Por Todo Esto" 17 minutes long with complex developments as if manipulating motion and stillness, and "Cancion Del Encuentro" beautiful and thrilling development that was probably written by Luiz Eça for this one. Lifetime including artwork. A true gem.

50年代のジャズ創生期からシーンに携わり、Eduardo Lagosの家で行われていたAstor Piazzolla, Jorge López Ruiz, Domingo Curaなどが参加していた一連の非公式な即興演奏と実験の集いの常連でフォルクローレ・シーンにおいても大きな功績を残したアルゼンチンを代表するベーシストAlfredo Remusの73年の傑作。メンバーにはサックス奏者Hugo Pierre、ドラマーPocho Lapouble、打楽器奏者Norberto Minichilloなど実力派がもちろん参加。情感、成熟、即興、ファンクネス、土着、前衛が迷宮的に融合されたハイブリッドジャズ全4曲。各人の際立つ演奏から中盤の唸るようなベースも印象的な”Juan Sebastian Blues”、即興ジャズの序盤から熱を帯びて来るようなパフォーマンスを見せる”Alfonsina Y El Mar”のA面。動と静を操る様に複雑な展開を見せるRemusスコアの17分に及ぶ”Amor Por Todo Esto”、Luiz Eçaがおそらくこの為に書き上げたと思われる美しくスリリングな展開の”Cancion Del Encuentro”のB面。一秒たりとも隙はありません。アートワーク含め一生もの。正に珠玉

A1 - Juan Sebastian Blues

A2 - Alfonsina Y El Mar

B1 - Amor Por Todo Esto

B2 - Cancion Del Encuentro