Alberto Favero ‎– S.T.

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Label:WEA - 98061


Used Cassette 1987

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1987 release album by Alberto Favero, one of the leading Argentinean jazz musicians, who is also known for "Suite Trane", a masterpiece dedicated to John Coltrane in 1970. Although the aforementioned work is often mentioned, the period from the late 80's to the early 90's, when he never stopped evolving and released various approaches, is also of great interest. Among them, this one is best piece that reaches the limit of Argentina's melancholy, especially melting A3/B1 are amazing. Lifetime piece. Highly recommended the cassette version, which is quieter sounding, so you don't feel the surface. 

70年のJohn Coltraneへ捧げた名作”Suite Trane”でも知られるアルゼンチン・ジャズ界を代表するAlberto Faveroの87年作。前述の作品で語られる事が多すぎますが様々なアプローチのリリースをしていた80年後半から90年前半も大いに注目で、その中でもこの作品はアルゼンチン特有の哀愁の極地と言っても言い過ぎでない楽曲が並びます。特にしっとりとろけるようなA3/B1は素晴らしいの一言。一生もの。静かなサウンドなので表面のノイズを感じないカセット版は非常にオススメです。