Rüdiger Lorenz – Morning Of The World

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Label:Syncord – RL 007


Used LP 1988

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise as quiet material)

Jacket:VG+ (slight scuffs, good condition)

Rüdiger Lorenz, an electronic musician who quietly released music on his own label from the early 1980s to 1998. Different themes can be seen in each of his works, this album was released in 1988, and it shows a delusion of the birth of the earth and the universe. A total 5 tracks, including over 13 minutes cosmic electronics "Morning Of The World", "Beteigeuze" with his signature abstract beats, and "Kyoto Garden" with a spiritual feel that seems to make the garden look like the universe. It's another solid release and last LP release, after which the label will move on to CD releases.

80年初期から98年まで自身のレーベルから黙々とリリースを続けた宅録電子音楽家Rüdiger Lorenz。作品ごとに異なるテーマが見受けられるますが本作は地球生誕や宇宙への妄想が伺える88年作。13分超えのコズミック・エレクトロニクス”Morning Of The World”、持ち前のアブストラクトなビート使いの”Beteigeuze”、庭を宇宙に見立てたのかオリエンタル感覚の”Kyoto Garden”を含む全5曲。この作品も間違いないです。こちらが最後のLPリリースでその後はCDリリースへ移っていきます。

A1 - Vulcano

A2 - Beteigeuze

A3 - Beyond

B1 - Morning Of The World

B2 - Kyoto Garden