Kristina Nomeika, Laraaji – Resurrect Yourself - A Tape For Emotional Cleansing

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Label:Creative Sound Recording


Used Cassette 1987

Tape:VG+ (plays well)

J-Card:VG+ (one small stain spot, totally good condition)

A private tape gem left in 1987 by Laraaji, a zither player/multi-instrumentalist who is well known for his meditation and yoga-based works and Brian Eno's "Ambient" series, and who has become well known here in Japan through his recent visits. The other, which is a pair, focused on own mind, in this work he recorded a performance with the purpose of recovering yourself. Includes Kristina Nomeika's guidance on side A and Laraaji's instrumental on side B. The zither sounds that act like moire like a drone, and the electronic sounds that seem to float to the surface create the illusion of melting. This is also a full volume of over 40 minutes on one side. Brilliant.

瞑想とヨガを基調とした作品群、Brian Enoの『Ambient』シリーズで大きく知られ、ここ日本でも近年の来日で知名度を高めたツィター奏者/マルチインストゥルメンタリストLaraajiが87年に残していたプライベートカセットリリース。対となっているもうひとつでは自らのマインドに焦点を当てていましたが、本作では自身をリカバリーする趣旨を持った演奏を記録。Kristina Nomeikaのガイダンス入りをA面、LaraajiのインストをB面に収録。ドローンのようにモアレ状に作用するツィターの響き、浮かび上がるような電子音が溶けだしてくるかのような錯覚を覚えます。こちらも片面40分超えのフルヴォリューム。

A - Healing Experience

B - Music Only - Laraaji