Clifford White – The Lifespring

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Label:Start ‎– STL 21


Used LP 1989

Disc:VG+/VG (B5 has minor scratch affect to sound, slight feel surface noise at some parts as quiet record, rest of tracks plays fine) 

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/wrinkles/scuffs, not bad condition)

British New Age producer Clifford White has released more than 20 works, starting with cassette tape works under the names of Karma and Whitelight. This album was requested as an original album with a fresh and invigorating sound and known his major work. It's simply amazing with perfect contents from tracks that floor-use of "Lifestream" ,"Rain Trek", which have been reissued in recent years, to downtempo to new age/ambient. In particular, "Hym-Halaya", which sounds like a tour of various soundscapes, and "The Last Snows Of Winter" which looks like a starry sky are impressive. Masterpiece.

本名義以外にもKarma及びWhitelight名義でのカセットテープ作品に始まり20以上の作品を残しているイギリス人ニューエイジ・プロデューサーClifford White。本作は新鮮で爽快なサウンドの持ったオリジナルのアルバムと依頼されて制作された89年の代表作。近年リイシュー盤も出た”Lifestream”,”Rain Trek”のフロアでも機能するトラックからダウンテンポ~ニューエイジ/アンビエントまで非の打ち所がないと言っても過言でない素晴らしさ。とりわけ様々な音風景を巡るような”Hym-Halaya”、星空をひろげたような”The Last Snows Of Winter”はグッときます。是非、未体験の方はこのクリアかつ壮大な世界観を味わってみて下さい。名作。

A1 - The Last Snows Of Winter

A2 - Voyage, Voyage

A3 - In The Beginning

A5 - Rain Trek

B1 - Hym-Halaya

B3 - Lifestream

B6 - First To Love