Aiki Domo – Sunrise Walk Along A Tahitian Seashore

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Label:Mirror Image Labs – INV 21006


Used Cassette 1985

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Japanese electronic musician Aki Domo released this cassette work in 1985 on a small label in Arizona, USA. Side A is about 27minutes editing of the sounds of waves on the coastline, the sounds of birds, the powerful sound of waves, etc. that were probably recorded in Tahiti. The B-side is approximately 30 minutes of a fantastical sound space assimilated with nature, featuring keyboards, folk instruments, harp, and mellotron backed by similar field recordings. It's about an hour long and could be described as spiritual environmental music. The jacket is beautiful no matter what.

P.S. Actually, Aiki (Aki) Domo seems to be an American artist named Carl Oehlman from Louisiana, who was working under a pseudonym assuming that he was from Japan.

日本人電子音楽家Aki Domoが米アリゾナの小さなレーベルよりリリースした85年のカセット作品。A面にはタヒチで録音したと思われる海岸線での波の音、鳥の音、力強い波打ち音等々を編集した約27分。B面には同様のフィールド録音素材をバックにキーボード、民族楽器、ハープ、メロトロンを交えた自然と同化した幻想的な音空間を約30分に渡り収録。スピリチュアル環境音楽とも表現できそうな約一時間に迫る内容。ジャケットが何と言っても美しいです。

追記 実はAiki(Aki) Domoはルイジアナ出身のCarl Oehlmanという米人アーティストのようで、日本出身という想定のペンネームで活動していたようです。

A - Sunrise Walk Along A Tahitian Seashore

B - Sunrise Walk Along A Tahitian Seashore